Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Accenture Trip June 2018

Accenture Trip June 2018
Today we went on a trip to Accenture for our ICT Class. When we arrived we were welcomed by two polite staff members who welcomed us into the building nicely. The place looked luxurious & very wealthy. We went on an Elevator that took us to the 12th floor out of 28, when we entered our room were welcomed 7 colleagues who we followed & took us into the kitchen. There we were told to get a little something to nibble on before we start our session in the main room.

Our session started off by the staff introducing themselves & getting to know a little bit more about Accenture. We were set off to play games that involve “Hour Of Code.” Next a guest speaker who was born in Tokelau, took his time off the day to come & talk about how & why he was working in a good company. My most favourite part of the trip was when we got to play on the PS4 VR (Virtual Reality), the game we played was Batman: Arkham Origins.

I would love to go back to Accenture not only because of all the good gadgets & stuff, but all the polite people & the delicious food that we had.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Will Smith's Well-Being

Will Smith's Well-Being


Describe what is happening in the video with links to Will Smith’s well-being?

Will feels all hyped when Uncle Phil receives him a ticket to the Clippers Basketball Game. After a few seconds Will feels guilty & gives the ticket back to his Uncle & then tells him the truth of what happened in a situation where there will pills/drugs involved. Uncle Phil then tells everyone in the family to come & told Will to apologise & tell the truth to what happened.

Mental/Emotional (Taha Hinengaro) 
Will feels hyped when he receives a ticket to the Clippers Basketball Game.

Sooner will feels guilty & gives the ticket back to his Uncle to tell him something.

He starts crying when he told everyone/family what happened.

Physical (Taha Tinana) 
The family walks into the living room when Uncle Phil called for them.

Uncle Phil walks up to Will & starts hugging him.

Social (Taha Whanau) - Will tells his family what happens & tells his cousin that he loves him.

Spiritual (Taha Wairua) - Will tells Uncle Phil & his family the truth of what happened.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Cooking Reflection

Today in cooking class we made Chocolate Muffins, my class peer & I thought we did really well because the outcome of the Muffin looks better than we made them in the past. Another reason why is because it tasted better than our other Muffins that we cooked. I enjoyed the Muffins & I hope my friend did too:).

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Cooking Reflection

Two weeks ago my class made Multi-Coloured Muffins. We were all split into a group of two & in that group of two we all had to pick & food dye colour. My peer & I picked red, next we followed the steps on the board & found our way from there. This was the outcome of our Multi-Coloured Muffin.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Goal Process

Goal Process

Image result for Books transparentMy goal for this year is to push myself to finish & due my work on time. The things that i'll need is my Chromebook & all my equipment to write with sorted. I'll also have to put my mind into my books & do my homework as-well. These things will help me to finish my work/due it on time.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Social Studies Reflection: Pt.6

For the last few weeks my class peers & I have been learning about topic relating to the 2017 Elections.
Political Parties:

In Social Studies I studied Political Party policies of Education, Housing & Health.

The education policy I best support is  “Maori party” because they could help schools by having free schooling for secondary or primary. They could even give people that is leaving a head start of life by giving their own driving licence,bank account and also give them a “CV”. They also help children by providing free school care and holiday programmes for children. But also its not only helping them for school only but also helps their family, the reason how this helps there family is by the struggles about money.

The health policy that I best supported is “National” , because they’re helping the teegnagers of this generation. They’re helping them by “stopping teegnagers smoke” until 2025. These things will be good to vote for because teenagers today in NZ are smoking & drinking alcohol. I really support this party because it helps the parents around NZ.

The policy of housing I best support is  “Maori Party”, which is basically helping people out with their situation of living, such alike homeless people, they are trying to aim for the homeless people to be off the roads. They are also building so much private sales  and more social housings.

The main party that I voted for was the Maori Party.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Social Studies Reflections: Pt.5

How Does The NZ Government:

For the last two weeks my class & I have been learning about “The Government & Parliament.” Parliament is split up into two parts, The House of Representatives & The Governor General. The three branches of Government is Legislative, Executive & Judiciary. If you want to know the meanings to these word they are down below.

Legislative - Makes Laws: Examine debate & vote on bills.
Executive - Initiates and Administers Law: Decide policy, draft bills, enforce acts.
Judiciary - Applies and Interprets: Hear & decide case according to law.

Another thing we learnt about was the Democracy. The Democracy is when people vote for a new leader in their country for the Elections.